Third Grade


Welcome to 3rd Grade! We are very excited about all the new things we will be learning this year,and we hope you are too. Third grade is a big transition year, but a very exciting one. Students are asked to be more responsible and the expectations increase.


Language Arts
We will strive to get them ready for the Reading TAKS tests with the balanced literacy approach which includes guided reading and literacy groups. They will be expected to read independently more often. This helps build stamina. Students will also be learning cursive writing this year, which is very exciting. We will have spelling tests every Friday. We will be focusing on the rules involved in spelling. During short weeks spelling words may not be given or it may be a review week of previous words. A list of words will be sent home the first day of the school week. Please help your child prepare for the test by studying with them throughout the week.


We have started off the year with place value, rounding and adding and subtracting two digit numbers. The students work in math workstations as well as whole group. Math homework is given throughout the week.


We will be studying physical science, earth science, ecosystems, and life science. We will be doing a lot of experiments and hands-on activities.


Social Studies
Students will be expected to know a total of 30 states and be able to label them on a map. We will also be studying geography, citizenship and government, economics, and the story of America.



Third grade students will take the STAAR tests for the first time this year. They will take the Math and Reading TAKS. More information will be given during the STAAR Info Night on Jan. 12, 2012 

Daily Homework

  • Will not exceed 1 hour
  • 20 minutes of reading everyday
  • Review Spelling words (will be sent home in folder)
  • Math Practice or Writing Practice (will be sent home in folder)






Cool websites:

                 Science with Me! - interactive Science website

                     Dolch Sight Words - list of sight words


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Claudia MezaBilingual Teacher 713-251-2100 
Jennifer RobertsESL Teacher 713-251-2100 
Leticia CastilloBilingual Teacher 713-251-2100 
Marianne Elias    
Michelle AliESL Teacher 713-251-2100 
Romelia Jimenez-GarzaBilingual Teacher 713-251-2100 
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