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Can my child wear his/her jacket during Health Fitness?
Yes, but if a students decides to keep jacket on during HF, jackets must be buttoned or zipped at all times. For Example: When wearing an open jacket during HF, the zipper has caused injury to another. Also, open jackets get in the way of all acitivies; students slip on their jackets, jackets sleeves tend to extended way passed students hands, and most importantly, performance is decreased due to students being more focused on their jacket and not on the activity at hand.  

Do they have to wear properly tied tennis shoes?
Yes, it is very important for their safety that each child wear appropriate tied tennis shoes to Health Fitness. Shoe laces are not allowed to tucked inside students tennis shoes with out being properly tied first.

Can my child wear earrings to Health Fitness class?
Yes, they must be as close to a stud earring as possible.  We do a lot of individual and partner activites, earrings have been known to get caught on their partners cloths.  Or, a finger get caught inside the loop of another student. Teachers are not allowed to hold students earrings.

What about shorts under skirts?
All students wearing skirts/dresses must have shorts underneath at all times. No Shorts = No participation grade = decrease in participation grade during his/her HF time.

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