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Why is music important?
The music department at Westwood Elementary encourages students to explore the many different ways to enjoy and appreciate music.  We inspire them to listen, to perform, to analyze, plan and participate in a wide variety of musical activities that are designed to stimulate and advance their learning as they pass through grades K-5. 

We believe that music is more than singing and learning notes, so we provide a curriculum that encourages every student to rise to the challenge of expanding their knowledge and skills.  Our music students connect their study to the world around them.  Listed to the right are some examples of units of study our students encounter as they rise through the grade levels. 

Technology is incorporated within this curriculum as well. Students are encouraged to record themselves at school and at home using the recording software Audacity.

Performances and Programs
Our most famous performance at Westwood is the annual 5th grade musical.  Students audition and commit to rehearsing afterschool at least 2 days a week from August to our December performances.  Tickets are $1 and all funds raised go toward a 5th grade Campus Improvement Project.  Monies raised in years past have produced our Butterfly Garden, Entrance Garden, and an upgrade to our Sound System.

However, our students are comfortable with an audience long before they make it to 5th grade.  Beginning in Second Grade, Westwood provides its students many performance opportunities.  Second graders perform a musical onstage in the Spring.  Third Graders perform a holiday concert and take an all-day Caroling Field Trip in December and in late Spring, Fourth Graders use laptops to produce their own music videos.  Fifth Graders commit afterschool time to Choir in the Spring.  Hope to see you at one of our performances!

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Creative Movement, Folk Tales and Musicians, Nursery Rhymes, Holiday Songs, Game Songs, Create Drums

First Grade 
Space, Insects, Rhythm Instrument Band, Musical Literature, Carnival of the Animals, Follow the Drinking Gourd, Create Maracas

Second Grade
Peter and the Wolf, Folk Songs and Dances, Game Songs and Songwriting, Performance Study, Create Rain Sticks

Third Grade
Space, Folk Songs, Rhythm Reading, Solfege, Drumming, Tap Dance, Science of Sound, BoomWhackers, Holiday Performance

Fourth Grade
Jazz, Ballet, Texas Music History, Song Writing,  Xylophones, Song Notation, Music Video Project

Fifth Grade
Opera Video Project, Patriotic Music, Composers Study, Class Piano, Holiday Music, After-school Choir, After-school Musical