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Art Club takes place after school twice a week on Thursdays and Fridays from 3:15PM until 4:30PM.  There are approximately 40-45 Westwood 3rd through 5th graders.  All Art Club is completely, totally and absolutely FREE to all students!  Some activities that we will be doing are: assisting with sets for the 5th & 2nd grade musicals, exploration into new types of art not available in the classroom, and possible field trips.  In the future art club members will participate in school beautification at our new campus!  To join art club a student must fill out a short application and interview with Mrs. Brownlie on why they want to be in art club and what they love about art.  No child will be required to submit and be judged by their art, only enthusiasm and interest.  Currently Art Club is full, but a waiting list is available for interested students.

Lines, texture, primary colors, warm/ cool colors, size, free form ceramics

First Grade 
Overlapping, context, balance, foreground/ background, space, secondary colors/ color wheel, pinch pot ceramics

Second Grade
Shadow, shade/ tint, middleground, complementary colors, mixing primary colors, coil pot ceramics

Third Grade
Perspective, themes, mood, realism, slab construction ceramics,  abstract, pop art, achromatic color, printmaking, pattern

Fourth Grade
Surrealism, organic/ geometric, negative/ positive space, still life, analogous color, design

Fifth Grade
Draw from memory, draw from listening, monochromatic color/ review of all color, triptych, telling a story through pictures

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