Contact Information

  • alexandra.crowl@springbranchisd.com
  • Woodview Phone Number: 713-251-7800



Please help your child at home by visiting the following websites:

www.raz-kids.com  (I sent the login and password information home in their daily folders)

www.starfall.com --this site will help with letters, sounds, word families, and sight words!

Also, please visit our classroom blog at Crowl's Owls Blogspot to see all of our classroom adventures!

About Me



My name is Blaire Crowl and I have been a kindergarten teacher at Woodview Elementary for many years now. I love teaching children and love learning! 

I went to elementary school in Spring Branch ISD and made my way back as a teacher after I graduated college. 

I went to the University of Texas and graduated with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. 

I look forward to this school year with your children!




Woodview PTA garage and bake sale on April 23rd from 7:30am - 12:00pm

Rent a table for $20 or two for $35 to sell your goods. You can sell jewelry, crafts, gently used items and you keep the proceeds because we make our money on the table rentals. Please alert your friends and family members! We will have tables inside the cafeteria and outside in circle drive. The sooner you pay for your table, the better your spot!


It's the time of year when our students begin to anticipate that summer is coming and the catch spring fever!  It's that fever that makes them want to be outside playing in our great spring weather.  We are reminding them that we have several weeks of school left and lots of learning to accomplish.  

Please remind them, as you send them off each morning, to remember that you expect them to continue to put in their great effort until the very last day of school.  This applies to behavior as well as their school work.  

Other Reminders:

  • School starts at 7:30 am with morning announcements at 7:20.  Students should be in their classrooms at 7:20 am. 
  • Breakfast closes at 7:20 for students who walk or are driven to school. If a bus is late we do allow those students to eat breakfast. 
  • Please do not allow your students to bring iPads, mobile phones, Kindles/Nooks or other devices with 2 exceptions: 1) The teacher has asked them to bring it for instructional purposes. 2) Your child brings a mobile phone for safety reasons for AFTER SCHOOL USE. 
  • If a student is struggling with social issues at school, s/he should let the teacher know immediately so we can handle things when they happen.

This is the WVE Dress Code

  • Khaki or blue pants, shorts, jumpers, or skirts with a collared (any color) shirt. The students may wear jeans only on Fridays with a spirit shirt.
  • Clothing should be neat and clean and fit appropriately.
  • All students in Pre-K through 5 are required to wear tennis shoes for participation in health fitness classes.
  • SBISD prohibits any clothing/grooming that, in the principal's judgment, may cause disruption of or interference with normal school operations (i.e., designs shaved in the hair and revealing or ripped clothing, dangling or clanging jewelry).
  • Outerwear may not be worn if it displays (written or pictured) obscene and distasteful slogans or advertising tobacco, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Pants must be worn above the hip bone with a belt, if the belt is needed to keep pants there.
  • Shorts should be long enough for down-stretched fingertips to touch material of the shorts instead of skin. Girls should wear shorts under dresses and skirts. Leggings must be covered by a uniform skirt or a jumper.

This summer SBISD will offer several summer opportunities for students.  Learn more here.