Welcome to my  profile page! It is a pleasure to work with the Woodview family. This is our home away from home. It is for us to take care of while we are here. Let's leave a legacy. Believe it or not, this is where I went to elementary school. Many of the people who came to this school are proud citizens of Woodview and they are proud to say they came here.



My Personal Goals


If all you do is have fun, you are probably not growing. If everything you do is simple, you are probably not reaching your potential.

If it's worth having, it's worth working for. 

What's worth having? 

Peace of mind, 

literacy, calculations abilities, 

knowing how to think productively, 

friends, family, 

respect and self-respect, health, happiness, security, 

physical, mental, and spiritual health, and

love, faith and hope.

I know there is more.


"Every day is a new opportunity with or without sunshine or rain."

Contact Information

  • Email: Ivy.Linsley@Springbranchisd.com
  • Phone Number
  • 713-251-7800 ext. 7864

About Me


Learning is the core of what I do. I am still learning. Houston is my home and it is where most of my formal learning occurred. Go Cougars - University of Houston! Go Huskies - Houston Baptist University! Go Celts - University of St. Thomas! Go Galveston College! These universities and colleges have rewarded my countless hours of higher education in degrees such as: Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Cultural Studies, Master of Education, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, and a Liberal Arts degree.

I am a certified first through eighth grade general education teacher, as well as bilingual, ESL and gifted/talented certified. In addition, I have a certificate to teach Reading Recovery and certification for mid-management.

I have been a bilingual elementary school teacher, reading intervention specialist and Reading Recovery (Descubriendo la lectura) teacher in SBISD for 26 years. I have also served as an after-school enrichment coordinator. Many children have also learned from me enrichment skills, such as cooking and gardening, drawing, exercise, writing code, and online publishing, to name a few.

It would be futile as a country to forget that our youngsters in schools are the future to what we collectively aspire to be as a nation.



Here is a website used periodically with and for my students and their parents. It is a start to flipped learning, where working on basic skills at home allows for at advanced level learning skills and vocabulary in school. Go to: Linsley's Classroom Collaboration. Please join and/or leave comments, if you like. Thank you for visiting. Please also visit the Woodview Seed-to-Plate website at Woodview Elementary School Kitchens and Gardens. These sites are periodically updated, but even if out of date they are informative and interesting. The photographs of the children are tremendous!



The international Hour of Code is coming the week of December 7-13. This will be Woodview's second year to participate! 

To learn more, please visit Code.org

Teacher Treasure


This is an example of what brings me back every day.


Photograph of a Student Letter


Another reminder of the gifts of teaching!

Students Write Code