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Hello Woodview Families and Community!

It is my pleasure and my honor to serve you and your children. We encourage you to be as involved with WVE as much as possible. You may join PTA for just $8 per family and we encourage you to volunteer whenever you are able to do so. You are invited to come and read to your child's class, work in the library, or attend class events. Just email or call your child's teacher and he/she will be happy to coordinate this with you. Don't forget about Health Fitness, Art, Music, or working in the office too! We will take all of the help we can get. Plus, your child LOVES seeing you up at school.

I would like to remind you of a few safety issues. Talk to your children about being aware, not frightened, of those around them when they are out in the community. When your children are walking to and from school, playing outside, and visiting our playground afterschool or on the weekend, please remind them to be careful around older students or adults that are unfamiliar. If they see anything alarming, they need to report any and all scary situations to a trusted adult immediately.

Thank for partnering with us to make WVE the best school in Spring Branch.