Homework Policy

Purpose of homework:

  • To review and reinforce grade level concepts, skills, and strategies.
  • To build responsibility and help develop a positive work ethic.
  •  To establish a strong home/school partnership and may require support and guidance but additional teaching from the parent.
Procedures for homework;
  • Each grade level will communicate their specific requirements.
  • No homework will be assigned during holidays including spring and winter breaks.
  • Staff will collaborate when assigning homework.
  • Homework will be meaningful to the grade level curriculum.
  • No homework should require technology that the student may not have access to at home.
Role of Teacher:
  • To check, provide feedback, and process all homework assignments.
  • To clarify instructions about assignments and check understanding.
  • To follow District expectations regarding time allotments.
  • To have homework reinforce and/or extend learning.
  • To share expectations for the grade level with parents and students.
  • To implement Title I parent compact.
  • To have a system/checklist requiring accountability for completion of assignments; this may include requiring parent signatures.
Role of Students:
  • To make a sincere attempt to complete work on time (show work/thoughts).
  • To ask questions when confused about the assignment.
  • To have accountability for bringing and turning in assignments.
Role of Parents:
  • To support educational progress by assisting student as needed.
  • To provide an adequate area and time for students to work at home.
  • To communicate immediately any concerns or questions that arise.
  • To sign homework, agenda, or assignment sheet as teacher’s request.
  • To encourage reading beyond assigned times including weekends
  • To promote excellence in your students attitude about work.