Daily Schedule

Our school daily schedule includes 8:15 am-2:15 pm classes with our children instructed by highly qualified, degreed, and certified early childhood teachers who each have a teaching assistant with them full-day. The classes can have up to 22 students and follow a schedule of learning and play throughout the day.

The morning schedule consists of breakfast for students wishing to eat at school, large group instruction on pre-reading skills, small group instruction and center work with manipulatives, recess outside in our courtyard, a similar schedule for math instruction and then lunch in the classroom.

We have a kitchen and staff to prepare all meals for the students. The afternoon begins with a rest time for all children followed by recess on the playground, motor development activities and science exploration activities. All activities are led by the teachers with the support of our pre-kindergarten master teacher/School Improvement Specialist who lends expertise to all teachers by providing for their professional growth through staff development opportunities.

Lesson Plans
Our teachers plan their week’s lesson plans in teams. They utilize the state pre-kindergarten guidelines put forth by the Texas Education Agency adding context to the skills taught.

Playground areas for the students include a courtyard area in the center of the school with a playscape, covered sand area, tricycle trails, and a storage barn with balls, tricycles, wagons, outdoor blocks, hula hoops, etc. Teachers and teaching assistants facilitate and monitor student activities on the playground.