About GPA


 What is GPA?
GPA stands for Grade Point Average.
It is a number that represents the average score of your grades during high school. This includes all normal classes during your four years in high school. Grades from courses not during the regular school day or year are not usually factored into GPA. Talk to your counselor if you have questions about a course taken outside of the regular school day or school year.

Some schools and districts calculate the GPA on a 6.0 point scale, and some on a 4.0 point scale. Schools in Spring Branch calculate the GPA on a 6.0 point scale. However, should a college, award, or scholarship specify that it only accepts GPAs on a 4.0 point scale, speak with your counselor about what your GPA would be on a 4.0 point scale.


 Why does GPA matter?

GPA affects a number of things as you approach the end of high school. Most colleges and universities put a high emphasis on your GPA when deciding whether or not to accept you. In addition, a high GPA makes you more eligible for scholarships, and a low GPA can disqualify you from many. In addition, a low GPA can also disqualify you from awards and honor societies in high school.


 How is GPA calculated?

Your GPA is a single number that represents an averaging of your academic success. For each credit you were enrolled for, you recieve a point value based on the final grade earned in the course. AP & IB courses are worth an additional point; these are referred to as weighted classes. Your GPA is then determined by taking the sum of these values, and dividing it by the number of credits you were eligible for.

Your official GPA is calculated by the school.
However, you can calculate it yourself if you'd like to get a rough idea of your GPA.


 Final Grade recieved in the class: 
 Type of Class: A
 Advanced Level Course*
7 6 5  4  0
 Regular Academic 6 5  4  3  0 


If you excel in advanced level courses, it is possible to actually have higher than a 6 on a 6.0 scale.

* While AP/Pre-AP & IB courses are weighted, there is a limit to how many will count as a weighted course for your GPA. If all 8 courses you are enrolled in during a year are AP/Pre-AP or IB, not all of them will count as weighted courses. Only four of your courses may be weighted each year, one for each of the traditional academic core classes; Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, and Histories. A perfect GPA at WAIS is a 6.5; this includes A's across 8 classes per year, and receiving the maximum extra weighting for four of those courses for each year. See SBISD's Program of Studies or speak with your counselor for further information about GPA.