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The Miacis


This year's book is the official 33rd volume. Our yearbook contains all grades, 6th-12th, and activities, events, and clubs throughout the entire school year. The year's book features full color, 144 pages, and custom endsheets. This yearbook theme focuses on photography and flat design.

In 2005, Westchester Academy chose to return to the original name used from 1967-1984. From the original Westchester High School, in 1967 the yearbook was entitled Miacis. Miacis is an ancient group of extinct mammals, believed to be the ancestors of all modern carnivores, wildcats included.

Miacis is created, designed, and produced by the students on the yearbook staff with guidance and assistance from the campus yearbook advisor. This includes the cover. Many books have a cover designed by a professional or a college student. However, we design our cover's in house using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, starting as of 2011.



Can I still get this year's book?

We always have extras. Books are available until we sell out. We sell out most years, but normally not until the last couple days of school. Once we run out, we run out. Final price is $75. 

Bring $75 in cash or check (pay to the order of Westchester Academy) to purchase a book.


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Availability varies from year to year, and some years are entirely sold out.



Homecoming 2015 Pictures

Homecoming photos are available on my Flickr Albums page.

Prom 2016 Pictures

Like Homecoming, the Prom photos are also available on my Flickr Albums page.
I've only just started uploading them though- it'll take a few days to go through them and edit them

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Recognition for WAIS Yearbook


Balfour Publishing
Each spring, Balfour Publishing releases the Yearbook Yearbook, awarding recognition to yearbooks published with Balfour during the previous year. This includes yearbooks from elementary up through collegiate levels from all over the USA, and even some outside of the USA. Less than 15% of books published by Balfour receive recognition in the annual publication.

Recognition for 2016 books will be announced in spring of 2017.

Miacis, v.32 (2015)
Editor: Mallika Dargan & Nancy Tran 
Manager: Alyssa Mahabir  
Cover: Mallika Dargan, Nancy Tran,
     & Savannah Villarreal
Advisor: Shaun Wegscheid
Honorable Mention

Miacis, v.31 (2014)
Editor: Ariel Denbow  
Manager: Alyssa Mahabir 
Cover: Ariel Denbow, Karla Alanis,
     & Mallika Dargan
Advisor: Shaun Wegscheid
Honorable Mention

Miacis, v.30 (2013)
Editor: Nicole Son
Manager: Angelique Garcia
Cover: Nicole Son & Nancy Tran
Advisor: Shaun Wegscheid
Honorable Mention

Miacis, v.28 (2011)
Editor: Sandra Medrano
Cover: Sandra Medrano
     & Brice Alford
Advisor: Shaun Wegscheid
Honorable Mention