Art Crew



Mrs. Lindig's Room
3:10 - 4:10


Sessions and Speakers


Guest Speaker: 
Topic: TBA

October 22nd



Guest Speaker: Jazmine Contreras
Topic: Potter's Wheel
Art Demo

October 15th

Jazmine Contreras, an IB DP Art Student will give a presentation on the potter's wheel and the process of throwing. The session will also include a throwing demonstration. 


Guest Speaker: Melanie Isleib
Topic: Cadavre Exquis
Art Activity

October 8th

Melanie Isleib, WAIS art faculty member specializing in Water Color, Portraiture, and Character Drawing. Ms. I will be teaching Cadavre Exquis, or the Exquisite Corpse, which actually translates into something more akin to exquisite body. This is an activity commonly found in colleges and university art programs, but originally started by the French Surrealist Art movement as a game at social gatherings of artists.

Guest Speaker: Shaun Wegscheid
Topic: Charcoal Series
Art Production

September 1st: Intro to Charcoal 
September 24: Undercolor with Chalk
October 1st: Figure drawing with Chalk & Charcoal

Shaun Wegscheid, a WAIS faculty member specializing in Digital Design, Photography, and Charcoal. The first Art Crew meets being with a series on using charcoal, your hands, and your eraser to create dramatic and high contrast work. In session 2, students begin with a first layer of colored chalk before beginning charcoal. Sessions 1 & 2 focus on drawing from animal photos. Session 3, students will learn about drawing human figures using chalk and charcoal.