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Adriana Cornejo- Dual Language

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IB MYP Sciences


MYP Science contributes to the development of students as inquirers, scientifically literate, caring, and responsible individuals who will think critically and creatively when solving problems and making decisions about aspects affecting themselves, others, and their social and nautral environments. Science and its methods of investigation offer a way of learning that contribute to analyitical and critical ways of thinking. Inquiry is at the heart of MYP sciences and aims to support students' understanding of sciences by providing them with opportunities to independently investigate relevant issues through both research and experimentation.

Achievement Levels in Science

Criterion A
Knowing &
Scale: 0-8
Criterion B
Inquiring &
Scale: 0-8
Criterion C
& Evaluating
Scale: 0-8

Criterion D
Reflecting on the
Impacts of Science

Scale: 0-8

Westchester Grading Scale Conversion for MYP
8 100

* This means the work submitted cannot
be scored using the criteria given.

If no work is submitted then a
traditional 0% would be given.

7 93
6 88
5 82
4 77
3 71
2 65
1 60
*0 50

IB MYP Sciences

6th Grade Science PreAP & Tech

7th Grade Science PreAP & Tech

8th Grade Science PreAP & Tech

Biology I PreAP

Chemistry I PreAP




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