IB MYP Mathematics


Mathematics plays an essential role both within the school and in society. It promotes a powerful universal language, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills that contribute to the development of logical, abstract and critical thinking. Mathematics is well known as a foundation for the study of sciences, engineering, technology, economics and other social sciences. Mathematics aims to equip all students with the knowledge, understanding and intellectual capabilities to address further courses in mathematics, as well as prepare those students who will use mathematics in their workplace and life in general.

Achievement Levels in Mathematics

Criterion A
Knowledge &
Scale: 0-8
Criterion B
Investigating Patterns
Scale: 0-8
Criterion C
Scale: 0-8

Criterion D
Applying Mathematics
in Real-life Contexts

Scale: 0-8

Westchester Grading Scale Conversion for MYP
8 100

* This means the work submitted cannot
be scored using the criteria given.

If no work is submitted then a
traditional 0% would be given.

7 93
6 88
5 82
4 77
3 71
2 65
1 60
*0 50

IB MYP Mathematics


6th Grade Mathematics PreAP & Tech

7th Grade Mathematics PreAP & Tech

Algebra I & Tech (8th & Adv. 7th Only)

Algebra I (9th Only)


Algebra II

Statistics AP





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