How do I find my teachers?

As we continue to develop our website, there are times when we make changes. If you haven't seen the changes yet, be aware that this is a time of change for our website. Previously, the staff section is sort of sorted by grade level (6-8), and sort of sorted by subject (9-12).


It is now sorted instead by department. If you are already fond of sorting by subject, this won't be much different. However, if you prefer sorted by grade level, we haven't forgotten you. Under the student menu, you will see the menu option 'Class Pages'. This will bring up a sub menu that provides a sorting of grade level teachers from  grade 6 up to 9.


You can also find your teachers under their IB MYP categories, Dual Language categories, and in the near future by IB DP and AP categories. Each teacher only has one page, these links all direct you to the same pages. The different sorting schemes are intended to make it easier for the variety of audiences that utilize our website.

-WAIS Webmaster