Finding Faculty Information


How do I find my teachers? 

There are two primary ways to find teachers. 

If you are in grades 6-9, your core teachers can be found on the associated grade level pages. For your elective teachers, you will need to look on the appropriate department pages. For grades 10-12, there are not specified families or houses for your core classes, so you will need to look on the department pages for the teacher.These pages contain teacher names, email addresses, and where to look for the class content they host online. 

How do I find my teacher's online content? 

By checking the appropriate grade level or department page, you can find what system your teachers are using to store their online content. If a teacher isn't listed, then they haven't reported that information to the teacher who helps maintain the website. Please ask them directly if they haven't informed you through their syllabus or opening day information. This is a very recent change this year- please be patient with us.

Some teachers are still transitioning from one system to another, and may still have some content housed on the school website or other places. Over the past 5 years, our district has switched Content Management Systems twice, changed expectations in what we house on our website, started providing Google Drive accounts, and we have acquired our own CMS related to our participation in the IB. Please be patient with any of your teachers who may still be transitioning from one system to another.    

WAIS Website Teacher pages: