Individuals & Societies

Individuals and Societies aims to encourage students to respect and understand the world around them, and to provide a skill base to facilitate further study. This is achieved through the study of individuals, societies and environments in a wide context: historical, contemporary, geographical, political, social, economic, religious, technological and cultural. Within the aims and objectives, students must develop skills to address concepts of time, place and space, change, systems, and global awareness, as well as a technical, analytical, decision-making and investigative skills.



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 Emily Arnold   ItsLearning
 Patty Carr   ManageBac
 Molly Christie  
 Kelsey Cline  
 Valerie Harelson  
 Angela Juarez  
 Julie Labrie  
 Aurelia Maldonado  
 Kelsey Miller  
 Melanie Morrison  
 Rachel Rose  
 Sara Sebesta-Camano  
 Kristin Thompson  ManageBac


In the IB MYP, students are assessed on an 8-point scale across 4 criteria. The criteria of Individuals & Societies are Knowing & Understanding, Investigating, Communicating, and Thinking Critically. We use a standardized chart to convert the 0-8 IB MYP grades into the percentage grades used by Spring Branch. For more information about Individuals & Societies in the IB MYP, please see the Individuals & Societies Subject Brief.