Design is the link between innovation and creativity, taking thoughts and exploring the possibilities and constraints associated with products or systems, allowing them to redefine and manage the generation of further thought through prototyping, experimentation and adaptation. It is human-centred and focuses on the needs, wants and limitations of the end user.

Students will take specified design courses in 6th & 7th grade. At the upper grades, students may choose which design courses they will take. In addition to the hours in designated design courses, students will also receive design instruction in the science courses in 6th through 8th grades.


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 Melanie Graham  
 Brandin LeBlanc  
 Cheryl Wegscheid  ManageBac
 Shaun Wegscheid  ManageBac

In the IB MYP, students are assessed on an 8-point scale across 4 criteria. The criteria in Design are Inquiring & Analyzing, Developing Ideas, Creating the Solution, and Evaluating. We use a standardized chart to convert the 0-8 IB MYP grades into the percentage grades used by Spring Branch. For more information about Design in the IB MYP, please see the Design Subject Brief.