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  • Shaun.Wegscheid

    We have about 300 students that work in the lab every two days, as well as a handful of clubs. I am also in charge of our school yearbook, including paperwork, and help with our school website as well as our interim semester (IIW). As such, my schedule tends to be filled in advance. The most time efficient way to contact me is through email.

About Me

  • WAIS, 2003
  • UH, 2008.
  • Rice U, 2014.
  • 10+ years with
    Adobe Creative Software
  • 15+ years with 
    Web Design (JS, CSS, etc.)
  • 5+ Years of Teaching Exp.
  • 5+ Years of Coaching Exp.

    More info about me

Lab Hours

Lab hours available for extra time or additional help. Schedule an appointment- available times:

  • Before School:
    Wednesday & Friday,
    or by request
  • US Lunch:
    By request
  • Afterschool:
    Monday & Thursday,
    or by request




Advisory activity:

College Night

WAIS Morning Announcements:
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Course Descriptions: 

Not all courses are taught every year. Courses taught depend on interest shown by student's attempting to enroll in the course.

§126.33   Computer Science - New as of Fall of 2015

§126.34   Computer Science 2 - Starting Fall of 2016 

§126.42   Digital Art & Animation

§126.44   Digital Communications in the 21st C. - Redesigned in Fall of 2015

§126.41   Digital Design & Media Production

§126.45   Digital Video & Audio Design

§126.49   Independent Study in Tech App

§126.50   Independent Study in Emerging Tech  - New as of Fall of 2015

§126.40   Robotics Programming & Design

§126.47   Web Design - New as of Fall of 2014

§110.66   Advanced Journalism: Yearbook 1-3 


Go to:
WAIS ManageBac Login Page


Course content is on ManageBac.
ManageBac is a Content Management System (CMS), originally starting out of Canada, now located in California- designed specifically for IB Schools, including IB DP and IB MYP.

I used to use Canvas, a Learning management System (LMS) used by many educational institutions around the US; including UC Berkley, the University of Texas, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, and Brown University. However, SBISD is no longer allowing us to utilize Canvas after this year, as they will be paying for a different LMS.  

What can Technology do for me? 

See what university students around the world are doing with Adobe Software like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other professional adobe softwares. Check out the little filter button toward the center near the top of the page.

Interested in learning how to make stuff like this? 
Ask me about what classes are related to products like these.

A bit of reading material:

- Why Computer Science should be required in HS
- The World's Students lack 21stC Skills, but EdTech can help
- Life at Stanford, where Students are offered $100k+

Course Options!

Course selections have come and gone, however, you can still make schedule change requests.

So... in all the spare time I don't have, I've created some resources to try to help inform you of your options- because I think its important you have the opportunity to understand your options.

Information about the different Tech Classes that are or can be taught here at WAIS are included here, including where they fit in with the HB5 Endorsements for students who enter high school as of this year or later.
Link: Tech Classes @ Wais

I've created a document about the new Endorsement options created by Texas House Bill 5, finalized and put into place last school year. It's a little pdf booklet that I've uploaded to my Google Drive.
Link: information booklet about endorsements

This is a booklet I created last year to try to help some of my students. It explains a variety of things including your graduation requirements as well as IB requirements. The courses listed in it are based on the spring of 2014, so some options may have changed since then.
Link: Graduation Requirements & Options

Contact me at Shaun.Wegscheid @
if you would like to view the course content on ManageBac
or for specific info on our Tech App courses.