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Middle Years Programme Coordinator
Grades 6-10




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About Me

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science and am a member of Phi Delta Kappa. I am taking Post-baccalaureate coursework at Rice University.

My teaching certifications are: Technology Applications (K -12), Early Childhood, K-8 self-contained, English as a Second Language, and Gifted and Talented. Additional trainings I've attended include College Board Pre-AP teacher training for Middle School Science, Computer Science Principles for High School (CSP4HS) which will be an AP course tested in 2016-17, Google Apps for Educators Certification, Middle Years Programme International Baccalaureate training for Programme Coordinator 2, Design 2, Technology 2 & 3, Physical Education 2, Areas of Interaction 3, and Humanities 1.

It is an honor to be in Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Editions which would not be possible without the precious students I've taught.



Mrs. Cheryl Wegscheid


Final for Digital Communications
Download it here



Emphasis on understanding and applying the Design Cycle from the Middle Years Programme Design (IB) while embedding required TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).

Design encompases technology which includes understanding systems, information, and materials.

Courses for 2016-17:

Digital Communications 21st Century- 9th grade

6th Grade Technology Applications with an emphasis on Design

Introduction to Computer Science- 8th Grade

Introduction to Robotics- 8th Grade

Independent Studies in Technology Applications- 11th/12th Grade

Supply list for all courses:

1- Flashdrive/jumpdrive at least 4GB (can be used in other classes)

2- Earbuds/headphones for class work

 All students will use ManageBac (an IB Information Management System) through

SBISD gradebook categories (Skyward)

Middle Years Programme Achievement Levels

  • 50%  Participation, Daily Work, and Journal
  • 30% Tests and Projects
  • 20% Quizzes and Homework

For work turned in after the due date-

scoring will follow the MS or HS Late Work Policy

8 translates to 100

7 translates to 93

6 translates to 88

5 translates to 82

4 translates to 77

3 translates to 71

2 translates to 65

1 translates to 60

0 translates to 50*

*If work is completed but cannot be scored using assignment criteria. If work submitted is too minimal or nothing is submitted then a score of 0 is appropriate.
Tutorials and extra lab time schedule...

before school 7:15 - 7:45 T- F; and by request.

Course Content


 Students will maintain an electronic process log/journal of their daily activities in the technology classes.



          Computers     Design Cycle     Robotics     Animation       Programming