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  • I graduated high school at Stratford (SBISD) and a graduate of Baylor University
  • As a college athlete, I continue my love for health fitness and want every student to be successful in PE classes and work to reach their personal fitness goals 

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Ann King


     My HF classes focus on cardio endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.  A variety of activities are incorporated for students enjoyment to encourage a lifelong healthy lifestyle.  The use of technology allows students to create activities they enjoy and use in the gym.  Virtual spin bike trails, student created personal fitness programs, wii fitness and sports, i-touch apps, and student created dances are some of the activities created and used in class. Students create podcasts, movies, and videos with the technology tools avaliable to them.

     Informative links for BMI, Activity Calculator, Food In-take calculator,

MYP lessons are incorportated into all classes. Students and parents need to log into Managebac for lessons, assignments, and scores.

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High School courses:

Teams Sports 1-3

Outdoor Ed