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  • Born and raised in Houston, TX.

  • Graduated from Northbrook High School.

  • Graduated with a B.A. from The University of Houston - Downtown.

  • Studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts - New York.

  • Graduated with an M.A.T. from The University of Houston - Downtown.

  • Principal Certified.

  • Served a two-year church mission in Mexico.

  • Loves motorcycles.

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Classroom Procedures and Grading Standards


By studying the science, history, and artistry of drama, the student will develop a love of the craft and a better understanding of the roles of actors, directors, producers, technicians, playwrights, dramaturges, and audience members as artists in the collaborative theatrical experience.

Classroom Procedures and Rules:

1. Class begins promptly. The door is locked when class begins. Tardy is tardy, no matter how close.

2. Participation is mandatory. Attitude is everything. Check your shyness at the door.

3. Respect for others and self is non-negotiable. Disrespect will not be tolerated. This is a safe place.

4. Food and/or treats are privileges to be earned. Gum is never allowed. Water is always welcome.

5. Personal electronics are welcome when appropriate, otherwise forbidden.

6. The student is solely responsible to make up missed work. Bookmark my website. Check the calendar often.

7. Assignments and projects are frequent and challenging. Be prepared to write, record, memorize, and study.

8. Dress appropriately for the class. Comfortable shoes and clothes with layers. No flip-flops.

9. Be flexible. Changes can happen unexpectedly. Adapt. Learn from the dinosaurs.

Required Materials:

- A folder with pockets to keep your own paper and notes.

- Loose-leaf paper (college-ruled).

- Pencil or pen (no red, other colors negotiable).

- A box of tissues.

- Access to a computer and the Internet, with your student Google Drive account.

- Access to a video recording device (library tech is always available, phones are ok too.)

Grading Standards:

40% - Participation

25% - Process Journal 

20% - Tests/Projects

15% - Quizzes

All grading standards will adhere to SBISD policies of fairness. Late homework will be accepted for reduced credit until the end of the 3-week grading period (progress reports or report cards). All missing work becomes a zero after three weeks. No late homework will be accepted from a previous nine-week grading period. 

Process Journals (PJs)

This workbook is an IB requirement. It is completely online, so you must be sure to have access to the Internet each week. This may be written at school, at home, or anywhere on your mobile devices. This is not a daily journal, but a scholarly work of literacy with pictures, comments, doodles, videos, and lots of reflection. You will be expected to write in it each week. Every three weeks, your progress and reflections will be graded for content and completion, not grammar. Only you and I will read it, so reflect and write about your thoughts, your progress, your frustrations, your confusions, and your achievements. Don’t procrastinate! And don’t forget! Unless there’s an exception, there will always be a PJ every week.


All Theatre Arts, IB Theatre, and Tech Theatre students will be expected to assist in the productions each semester, in some way. If you’re unable to participate, you can always be in the audience. Whether onstage, backstage, offstage, or in its development, each student will find a way to help in the creation of drama in order to better understand and appreciate its process and product. You are expected to attend one performance of each show at Westchester. You will also be expected to see one additional show this year somewhere in Houston. It can be professional, semi-professional, community, collegiate, or amateur. You will be asked to evaluate the performances you see. If for some reason you’re unable to do that, alternative assignments must be obtained in advance.

Cheating and Plagiarism:
All assignments must be completed individually unless assigned in groups or partners. Cheating and plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate zero for the grade and an automatic Saturday detention. Every detention I give is a Saturday detention.


Form study groups with your friends and classmates to help with memorization and quizzes. Tutorials are available by appointment at several different times before, during, and after school almost every day of the week. In order to attend them, you must schedule an appointment with me at least one day in advance. There are no exceptions. 

Westchester’s Homework Philosophy – Fine Arts Department:

"The purpose of homework is to review and reinforce concepts and skills taught in class. It serves as independent practice, is assigned on a regular basis, and the students are solely accountable for its completion."  The homework in this class often comes in the form of projects, so be prepared. Almost every class will end with a homework assignment of some kind. Be prepared. Major homework assignments will always be posted online each afternoon on my calendar.

Important Notes:

You will be asked to participate outside of class on your own time several times this year. This may include projects or shows. Make arrangements in advance for transportation or alternative assignments.

Each class will be very high-energy, so come ready to work with a good attitude. Be ready for direction and correction. I can be contacted each day via email. I check it frequently. If you send me something, await a confirmation. And finally, you must study every night. 

Be prepared to make an absolute fool of yourself and be completely out of your comfort zone.

In this class, you will make mistakes, you will screw up, and you will fail from time to time… but what you learn from each lesson determines your character. Every choice has consequences. Choose wisely. Life doesn’t usually give you second chances, neither does this class.

This is an MYP class and an IB World School. We work hard here, so don’t ever expect anything less. There’s no such thing as an “easy A”.