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I am a fifth generation Austinite, but I love living in Houston. I graduated from Texas A&M University and completed my M.Ed. in 2008. This is my ninth year with Westchester Academy. Prior to teaching at Westchester I taught in the Brazos Valley area. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to teach for the Rice University Summer School Program for Grades 8-12.

I love teaching and I love history- the two things that I get to do every day. I also enjoy running outdoors and spending time with my family. Westchester is an amazing school that I am thankful to be a part of. The wonderful students and staff make this place a welcoming and enjoyable place to learn. 






Melissa Von Blon


Melissa Von Blon, M.Ed.


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Tutorials: Wednesday Afternoons 3:05 - 4:05

2016-2017 Schedule


A Day

1st US History 

2nd US History 

3rd Conference

4th US History


B Day

5th IB History of the Americas

6th IB History of the Americas

7th IB History of the Americas

8th Conference

All syllabi, coursework, calendars, online lectures, and readings can be found on the learning management system, ItsLearning. Parents- please send an email to request access to your child's ItsLearning account.   

IB History of the Americas Course Description


The IB History HL class is an in-depth study of selected events of the 20th century. It is a two year course. The first year of the course focuses on the 20th century in United States and Canadian. The primary units covered include the Great Depression, 20th century political developments and trends, as well as an in-depth look at civil rights and social movements of the two countries. While the United States and Canada are the main focus of the units, an international outlook is emphasized. The second year of the course focuses on both the Americas, and a second region, Europe.   

Students also complete a History Internal Assessment during the first year of the course. This is a student driven 2,200 word research paper with a historical topic of their choice. The research question developed must be at least ten years in the  past. Research and technical writing skills necessary for collegiate success are developed through this process. Students are exposed to collegiate databases, libraries, and to collegiate level citation expectations.