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We hope you will be actively involved with your student's school and activities here at Westchester Academy. Visit the WAIS PTA website to find out how you can get involved!



Family Access

Family Access

Click here to enter the Family Access page. Previously known as Parent Portal, this is where parents and students can go to find info on homework, attendance, grades, etc.



Counselor Corner

Counselor Corner

Check the link above to find out info from your grade level counselors and their individual web pages.

Course Catalog

Check out the link above for the course catalog.



Graduation and College Info 

COMING SOON: Check out the link above to get all the information and documents you will need to understand graduation requirements and the college entry process.





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Hello Parents/Guardians,

       Thank you for visisting my webiste. Below you will find the courses that I teach along with helpful information about homework, projects/tests, and my tutorials/schedule.

       The majority of homework for my courses is reading and writing outside of class, but can also include studying for a test, working on a project/essay, and finishing up an assignment started in class. I  try to give students class time to work on these things, but time constraints require some work to be completed at home. Homework is also posted on my board at school, and discussed during class. Technology is wonderful, but not always reliable, so I encourage students to keep a planner!


Trevor Love


713-251-1800 ext. 1954

Tutorials: Monday 3-4, any other time by appointment




Please check Managebac to view assigned due dates for daily and major assignments. If you're a parent that would like access to Managebac please send me an email at Trevor.Love@springbranchisd.com and I will do my best to help you obtain access!