Dual Language Program


Dual Language is a form of education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages. The program aims for bilingualism, biliteracy, cross-cultural competence, and academic achievement in both languages equal to that of students in non-dual language programs.

Students within the Dual Language program are more prepared to pursue a bilingual IB Diploma during their junior and senior years.

Students in SBISD Dual Language Elementary Programs may apply to continue at WAIS. Students in programs outside of SBISD will need to contact Westchester for details and specifications in joining from Dual Language Programs.

Information documents for students enrolled in Dual Language program


The Dual Language Program at WAIS is not seperate from IB. Students and classes within the Dual Language Program are part of the IB Middle Years Programme. Students in the Dual Language Program participate in all IB MYP requirements and can elect to pursue the IB Diploma during their junior and seniors years at WAIS.


Check back in the future for more information on all dual language classes