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The library is not just the place to check out books anymore!  In addition to promoting a love for reading, our mission is also to teach the information literacy and technology skills needed to enable our students to effectively and efficiently find, evaluate and use information to meet their educational and personal needs.  The library works in collaboration with classroom teachers to provide the most relevant resources in various formats (i.e. print, video, audio, and digital) that target our curriculum objectives.  Our goal is to integrate 21st century skills into our library lessons so we can prepare our students for higher education in line with our District T-2-4 Strategic Plan (preparing all students with the qualifications and skills necessary to enter college or post secondary training and exit successfully). 

Please contact your campus librarian, Mrs. Lopez for assistance and information on resources available (713-251-7327 or  

Spring Branch ISD is committed to ensuring that library resources and services are a vital part of every student's continuous learning experience. The Spring Branch ISD library web pages are your center for information and research.  The stated mission of our District Innovative Resource Media Systems group is as follows:

The Learning Commons  EMPOWERSstudents to globally EXPLORE  for information by CONNECTING  them to the world. Students will inquire, collaborate, and critically think as they gain knowledge, draw conclusions from skillful research, and ethically use new information to CREATE  final products.


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