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Language Arts:

Our Language Arts instruction is done through a balanced literacy approach. We use various strategies and techniques to meet all of the needs of our diverse learners.

Some of the many ways we teach are:

§  Shared Reading and Writing

§  Modeling

§  Words Their Way for spelling

§  Small group instruction

§  Whole group instruction

§  Activeboard, Flipcharts, and Active votes

§  Itouches and Netbooks

§  Literacy Workstations

§  Writer's Workshop

§  Guided Reading

§  Independent Reading

§  Handwriting practice



We study many concepts throughout the year in math. We use technology (such as Netbooks, Itouches, Activeboards, etc) to reinforce the concepts we are teaching. We also use Singapore Math to teach many of the concepts. We also utilize both whole group and small group instruction in order to ensure the most success for our students. There is a lot of hands-on and workstation time to practice the skills as well.

The main concepts we study are:

§  Number concepts

§  Patterns and patterns in numbers

§  Fractions

§  Measurement

§  Probability

§  Graphing

§  Problem Solving



The units we study throughout the year are:

§  Rocks

§  Matter

§  Energy

§  Soil

§  Water


Social Studies:

The units we study throughout the year are:

  • Project CLASS
  • US and Texas symbols
  • Citizenship
  • Presidents



Kindergarten Homework Policy

Spring Branch ISD Grading Guidelines



We are excited to have your child in Kindergarten this year! 

The Kindergarten Team:

Kayla HendersonJill Minnis, Rosa Ruiz- Bilingual

You can also reach us at: 713-251-7300