At Thornwood Elementary, we are committed to providing all of our students with the best opportunities for learning. We want to teach them skills that will also help them to be successful in life. We have a set of Core Beliefs that we feel will help our students to be successful and to solve many of the problems they may encounter. We have many teachers that have been trained in the Love and Logic principles.


We also have Love and Logic parenting classes offered weekly. For more information please contact our school counselor.




Our Thornwood Expectations

1. Attentive Learning

2. Respect for All

3. Use Good Manners

4. Always Follow Directions


You are responsible for you! 



Campus Core Beliefs:  Love & Logic

1. We believe that every attempt should  
    be made to maintain the dignity of 
    both the adult and the student.
2. We believe that students should be
    guided and expected to solve the 
    problems they create, and recognize
    that their actions may affect others.
3. We believe that students should be
    given the opportunity to make decisions
    allowing for individual problem solving
    in preparation for the real world.
4. We believe that behavior should be
    handled with natural and logical
    consequences whenever possible.
5. We believe that students should have
    the opportunity to tell their side of the