About Us

Treasure Forest Elementary School is:

“An Innovative Learning Community Committed and Determined to Excellence”

TFE Mission

Treasure Forest Elementary School is an INNOVATIVE Learning Community, constantly striving to find and create better ways of pursuing our goals; We are all engaged in learning, staff and students alike, finding joy in its constant pursuit; We are a community, bound by strong values and tradition, in many ways more accurately described as a family; we are COMMITTED to learner success and to the TFE vision; We are deeply DETERMINED about EXCELLENCE in its many forms with “Quality before Quantity” in mind.

TFE Common Values

TFE recognizes a set of common values and purposes that support our curriculum and work at our school.

  • High Expectations for all: Academic achievement, behavior and work ethics (integrity).
  • Commitment: All time and effort required for success.
  • Determination: the act of “whatever it takes” and “never give up”
  • Respect: all will be treated with dignity at all times.
  • Teamwork: cooperation to achieve common goals( we lift as we climb).
  • Fun: Enjoying and finding pleasure in all learning opportunities.