Homework Policy

Often, success in school can be tied directly to homework and study habits.   Each of our students is given an agenda at the beginning of the school year in which they can write down their homework assignments.

A complete copy of the Board of Trustees’ policy can be found on the district’s website under Board Policies EIP (Local).  Excerpts of the policy regarding the purpose and definition of homework include the following:

  • Homework is an “out of classroom learning experience” assigned by a teacher to enhance student learning. 
  • Homework shall be reviewed by teachers to ensure an accurate assessment of students’ skills and knowledge to better direct them toward their learning goals.
  • Homework shall target specific learning outcomes, reinforce Texas Essential Knowledge and skills (TEKS) taught in the classroom and provide practice in specific skills.
  • Students shall be provided sufficient information and direction needed to complete homework independently.
  • Homework shall be sufficient but not excessive in its intended purpose.
  • Effective homework assignments are clearly articulated and designed so students know what is expected of them before leaving the classroom.
  • Effective homework assignments are designed to require no additional teaching outside of the classroom.
  • Effective homework assignments do not require resources or technology to which a student may not have access.
  • No homework shall be assigned over Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break and religious holy days.