Student Council Constitution


Student Council Constitution

Spring Woods Middle School Student Council

 Article 1: Name and Purpose 

Section 1: The name of this chapter shall be the Spring Woods Middle School SWMS Student Council. 

Section 2: The purpose of the chapter shall be to create an opportunity for leadership in scholarship, citizenship, character, and service. 

Article 2: Membership 

Section 1: Membership in this chapter shall be based upon a student desire to serve SWMS through their leadership and advocacy for their fellow students.


Section 2: Candidates are eligible for membership in their sixth, seventh and eighth grade years. Students must have attended at SBISD Middle School for a period equivalent to one semester prior to applying to run for office.


Section 3: Candidates must have a minimum of a 70 cumulative average. Candidates must currently be in attendance at Spring Woods Middle School and have attended SWMS for the equivalent of one semester in order to run for elected office. 

Section 4: To be eligible for membership, candidates must not have received a U in conduct or more than 1 N in conduct during the school year of application. 

Section 5: Candidates will be screened for adherence to the SBISD Student Code of Conduct. 

Section 6: Candidates recognized the need to exhibit service and leadership characteristics serving in the Student Council and agree to demonstrate service and leadership as specified by the campus. 

Section 7: Students elected to the SWMS Student Council shall serve one year. 

Section 8: Students must serve on a service committee. 

Article 3: Probation

Section 1: Definitions 

Probation is defined as being warned of potential action that may lead to dismissal. Student on probation for academic, service, or leadership reasons may participate in Student Council activities unless they are otherwise not approved to do so to disciplinary actions. 

Academic probation is defined as being placed on probation for the next grading period due to the student’s six weeks average (all subjects) for the current school year dropping below 75. 

Disciplinary probation is defined as being placed on probation for the next three weeks grading period for classroom misconduct and/or campus discipline infractions. (See section 3 and 4 below.) Conduct probation may include being ineligible from participation in Student Council activities as specified by the faculty advisors. 

Section 2: Any member whose six weeks grade average for the current school year drops below 75 shall be placed on probation for the next three week grading period. 

Section 3: Any member that receives a N in conduct on his/her report card after induction shall be placed on probation for the next nine week grading period which follows the period in which the N was received 

Section 4: Any member who is reported for one level III discipline offense or level II discipline offenses after election the the Student Council will be reviewed by the Faculty Advisors and the Grade Level Principal in result in either probation or dismissal. 

Section 5: Any officer who receives disciplinary conduct will be placed on probation. 

Article 4: Dismissal 

Section 1: Any member who after being placed on probation for failure to maintain the proper grade average, does not raise his/her grade average to 80 or better shall be reviewed by the Faculty Advisors for additional probation or possible dismissal. 

Section 2: Any member who fails to fulfill leadership and service responsibilities after being placed on probation for such by the Faculty Advisors may be dismissed. 

Section 3: Any member who receives a U in conduct on his/her report card after election into the SWMS Student Council shall be dismissed. 

Section 4: Any member who is reported for a level III or II discipline offense after election in the SWMS Student Council shall be reviewed by advisor, principal and elected officers. 

Section 5: Any member who is disciplined for level IV or higher infraction

shall be dismissed. 

Section 6: In all cases impending dismissal, a member shall have a right to meeting with the Faculty Advisors, the Grade Level Principal, and the

Grade Level Counselor to discuss the impending dismissal. 

Section 7: A member who is dismissed is not eligible for election or membership again into the SWMS Student Council. 

Article 5: Faculty Supervision 

Section 1: The principal shall appoint two teachers who shall serve as Student Council Advisors. The Student Council shall be responsible for the direct, day to day supervision of Student Council and act as liaison between Faculty, Administration, and student and community. The chapter advisor shall be responsible for checking grades, conduct, and services record for each member. 

Section 2: The Principal shall reserve the right to approve all activities in decisions of the Student Council.