• Thanks to all the NJHS volunteers who have supported Spring Woods Middle School this year.  Your countless hours of volunteerism is amazing.


  • The NJHS anti-bullying video is near completion.  Stay tuned for more information.


  • NJHS ambassadors welcomed the Class of 2020 to SWMS on February 8th.  Nearly 427 potential HAWKS viewed a student developed video about SWMS and then were led on a campus tour.  Two parent tours are scheduled for March 7th and March 19th.  NJHS ambassadors will be assisting in the tours.


  • The Class of 2018 NJHS members will be selected soon.  In order to be considered for induction they must have an 85 average or better in every 7th grade class at mid-term, scored meet expectations or higher on their STAAR testing, exhibited high moral character, and passed a screening by their teachers.  To be considered for an officer, students must have scored exceed expectations on their STAAR testing.  Induction of the Class of 2018 NJHS members will be held during the Awards Ceremony in May.