Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm

Call (713.251.3100) or email  as early as possible in order for your student's attendance records to be updated when they are out or the automated call system will contact you with a reminder.

Please SPELL your student's last name if you leave a voice message.

Written parental permission is mandatory before students can be sent dismissals from class or can sign out.

Please send notes with your student so they can pick up their dismissal before school starts.

Parent emails and faxes are acceptable as permission to leave campus.

Please build in a few minutes for us to retrieve your student so you will not be late.

Students have 2 days to turn in all notes, emails suffice as parent notes however, unless a doctor's note is received (within the 2 days) the absence will still count towards loss of credit.

Be sure to get your Family Access (Parent Portal) access codes to see your student's attendance records.

Daily bell schedules are posted on the Weekly Bulletin, both are found on the right side of the school website.

Students are not dismissed during State Mandated Testing times.


Brenda GuzmanRuiz, ADA

9th & 11th Grade Attendance

(713) 251-3105


Iris Lozano, ADA

10th & 12th Grade Attendance 

(713) 251-3106 


Main SWHS contact information:

Ph. 713-251-3100

Fax 713-251- 3130                       �