Denis Blais - 12th Grade Assistant Principal 

Farah Ranjbaran -12th Grade Counselor 

Diana Munoz -12th Grade Secretary 


  • Mar. 8th - Senior Variety Show @ 7th period - $5
  • Mar. 13th - 17th - Spring Break
  • Mar. 21-23    -     TSI Testing
  • May 1st – 12th -  AP Testing
  • May 16th - Senior Honors Night
  • May 17th & 18th -  Senior Final Exams
  • May 19th - Prom @ Red Oak Ballroom @ 7:00
  • May 22nd - Zoo field trip                  *Senior Final Clearance Day – All fees & textbooks reconciled 
  • May 23rd - Senior Cap and Gown Day
  • May 24th -  Graduation Practice – 1:00 PM
  • May 25th - Senior Picnic – Typhoon Texas 9am-2pm
  • May 26th   Senior Breakfast – 8:00 AM
  • May 27th -  Graduation at Don Coleman Coliseum – 4:00 PM  (students need to arrive by 1pm)        
  • Early Dismissals – 2/2 (1:00), 4/6 (1:00), 5/18 (1:00)

Dates may change. 



 Herff Jones 

Cap & Gown orders

  • 4915 Schuler St. Houston, TX 77007
  • 713-864-6464




$50 until Jan. 31st (must pay full amount)

Feb. 1st - $75 (pay deposit $25 to lock in this price)

April 1st - May 19th - $100



January 12, 2016

Dear Parents & Students:

The exemption policy is designed to provide students a reward for good grades, near-perfect attendance and good behavior in their fall semester. Students are not automatically exempt from final exams. Exemptions must be earned. I hope that you will join the faculty at Spring Woods High School in encouraging your child to do well in their classes so that they will not have to prepare for ALL exams at the end of this semester.

The criterion for exemptions is based on grades, attendance, behavior, and a clear textbook/fee record:

  • If the average of the 3rd and 4th 9 week grading periods is greater than or equal to an eighty (80).
  • Absences must be less than or equal to three(3) for the second semester.
  • Excused absences DO count against the exemption, regardless of the reason. There are no exceptions to this rule. Though illnesses, deaths in the family, emergency situations, etc. are counted as excused absences for attendance purposes, these absences DO count against senior exemptions. The only absences that may not count against senior exemptions are:
    • Absences due to school-approved activities (Ex. school sponsored field trips)
    • Religious holidays
    • Official college visitation days and IF proper procedures are followed as outlined in the student handbook
  • A student may have NO TRUANCY or UNEXCUSED absences.
  • Three tardies equal one (1) absence.
  • A student may not have a U in conduct in any class.
  • A student may not have any ISS/AEP assignments for the semester.
  • A student must have a clear fee record (This means ID’s, athletic fees or textbooks). (Textbooks may be kept through exams for classes the student is not exempting).
  • Administration has right to remove exemptions if criterion are not maintained through exam dates.

We will begin counting absences and tardies on January 13, 2017 for the purpose of exemptions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 713-251-3117.


Denis Blais

Class of 2017 Principal

Spring Woods High School 



Need College Application or FAFSA/TAFSA help?

Spring Senior Workshop

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • 3pm - 4pm
  • SWHS Upper Library
  • Counselors will be here to help.
  • Parents/ students encouraged to come.