Hello dear parents. On the third nine weeks on Language Arts we are going to focus on poetry, fiction, (Stories such as fairy tales, fables, etc.).  On writing we are going to center on "stories from my life." We will also work on capitalization and punctuation.

On Math we are going to work on representing and comparing numbers to 20, and relationships related to place value; addition and subtraction to 20, measurement, and graphs.

On Science we are going to learn about: earth and space, (rocks and soil) organisms and environment. (Living and non living things)  

On Social Studies we are going to learn about "Historical figures and US symbols.

Conference Times are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays from 09:15-10:00 a.m..

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This is a  list you can follow to make your child succeed in reading:

~Be a role model by reading everyday.

~Learn more about reading strategies that will help your child.

~Read to your child everyday.

~Ask your child to read to you everyday.

~Ask your child to read familiar books everyday.

Blanca Barron (Bilingual)

Haley Boepple (Student teacher)

Jhericol Skinner (ESOL)

Kelsey Brown (ESOL)

Laura Salinas (Bilingual)

Peggy Garcia (ESOL)

Raul Espejo (Bilingual)