Student Expectations


Electronic Devices

•SBISD and Spring Oaks Middle School are not responsible for lost or stolen devices.
•You bring your device at your own risk.
•You can use your device: before school, after school, passing period, at lunch & when your teacher says you can i
n class

Morning Procedures:

•Entering Building

•We stop serving at 8 AM 

Lunch Procedures: 

•Keep the cafeteria clean
•Throw away trash
•Enter quietly and get in line

•Do not leave cafeteria without permission from a principal


•Be in class by the time the bell rings
•Teachers will mark you tardy if late
•Miss more than 15 minutes = absent

•If you leave class and are gone for an unreasonable amount of time it will be considered skipping.

•First Late Bus 4:30pm

•Activity Bus 5:15pm


•Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

  and Thursday
  3:35-5:00 pm

•Lunch detention


•Remember your manners
•Treat all adults and students respectfully

•Watch how you say things as well as what you say


•Get your work done and do it well
•Homework is to help you
•Study for tests

•Attend tutorials


•Come prepared to learn and work
•Be on Time / Be where Your’re suppose to be
•Have backpack, ID, Homework, Materials

•Positive Attitude

Classroom Social Skills:

•  Follow Instructions  Ask Permission
•  Pay Attention    Accept No

•  Get Teachers Attention  Accept Feedback


•Planner is used as hall pass
•Use to remember assignments, tests, and homework
•Do not tear pages out
•Write your name in planner

•Keep track of your planner!


•Progress Reports

•Report Cards

Public Display of Affection (PDA):

•Holding Hands
•Hands and Feet to Self

Stay up to date with Remind!

•TO: 81010
•MESSAGE: @somstudent