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Coach Collins


  I graduated from James Madison High School in 1981. I attended college at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Fitness and History.

This is my 30th year in education.  I have been in the Spring Oaks family for 29 years. I currently serve as the Campus Athletic Coordinator for our school in addition to teaching P.E. and coaching.

I have been married for 25 years and have two children.  I enjoy living out in the country and near a golf course. I play every chance I get!

I find teaching/coaching to be very rewarding.  I see students step out of their comfort zone in P.E. or in athletics.  I also see students interacting with others in a way they are not able to in the classroom setting.  It is most rewarding to see children enter our program, learn the love of the game and leave us as mature athletes ready to compete at the high school level and beyond.

We have a great P.E./Athletic department here at Spring Oaks and we hope to instill in each child a life-long love of physical fitness.

Daily School schedule


              Coach Collins Schedule 

        1 8:10 – 9:03
        2 9:07 – 9:54
        3 9:58 – 10:45
        4 10:49 – 11:36   
    Lunch 11:36 – 12:06 
        5 12:10 – 12:57 
        6 1:01 - 1:48 
        7 1:52 – 2:39
        8 2:43 – 3:30  off period




    ...GO PANTHERS..



Class Daily Procedures and Parent Letter





This Roadmap is designed for a block schedule, meeting every other day for 40-45 minutes a session. The class is sequenced in a manner to achieve active participation for ALL/MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity).
1. Dress Out” –5 minutes
2. Fitness Focus/Skill Warm-up-8-10 minutes (alternate daily between movement agilities and jump rope skill development/routines. TEKS: 6.1A, 6.1C, 6.1E, 6.3B, 6.5C
3. Cardio, flexibility, muscle development–8-10 minutes. TEKS: 6.1H, 6.3B, 6.4C, 6.4D, 6.5D
4. Lesson Focus-Direct Instruction-Student Centered learning-20-25 minutes.
Closure-Cool down; Assessment; Review; Clarification; Transfer; Affirmations-2-3 minutes. TEKS: 6.5C, 7.5C, 8.5C


Dear Parents and Students,


          Welcome to Spring Oaks MS Boys’ Health Fitness class.

The following are the guidelines for this years HF class for all boys taking a HF class during the school year.  Please read together as a family:


1.  All boys are required to address in an approved Spring Oaks MS HF uniform every that they attend class.

          -The uniform may be purchased from the coach:

                   -The shirt is $10.00 and the mandatory SOMS HF white shirt.

                   -The shorts are $10.00 and may be bought from the coach or

                   purchased from a store.  The shorts must be purple with no

                   writing on the shorts and be at least finger tip length.


2.  Tennis shoes must be worn to class

                   -Slip-ons, boots, shoes with heels are not allowed in class for

                   safety reasons.


3.  If your child is sick or injured a note from the parent is required before she will be allowed to not participate in the of class activities.  The student must still dress out unless the injury prohibits her from doing so.

                   -A Dr.’s not is mandatory if your child is to not participate in

                   class activities for more than 3 or more days.



4.  Gum, food, and drinks are not allowed in the gym or dressing room.


5.  Bullying, cursing and fighting is STRICTLY prohibited in the dressing room and gym.  Severe consequences can be administered for the incidents.


6.  Cell phones, I-pods, or any other electronic devices must be kept in the student’s dressing room, unless otherwise instructed, at their own risk.


7.  Grading procedures are as follows:

          Daily grade:   100

                   Dressing out- 90% of the Daily grade

                   Skills, tests, projects- 10% of the Daily grade


8.  All boys are expected to show respect toward peers, teachers, and administrators.


I am so glad to have your son in my HF class this semester.  His HF class will be filled with many activities for his heart, mind, and body.  If at any time you wish to talk to me, please contact me at 713-251-4854,


Coach Collins

Health Fitness Guidelines and Policies:






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