Welcome Bienviendos to 7th Grade Science!

Science is Everywhere! 

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Retest Policy:

If a student fails a test (<70), they will be given an opportunity to take a retest or do corrections for some points back. The highest grade a student can earn on a retest is a 70. This must be done in timely manner (within 1-2 weeks of the test date). Retakes for quizzes and semester exams are not allowed


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About Me

  • I am a native Houstonian! I went to HCC Spring Branch and graduated from the University of Houston in 2015. 
  • GO COOGS! 
  • I was a Student Teacher at SOMS in 2014. I love to sing and am a Mexican American and love Mexican food.

What we will be learning in 7th Grade Science!


Semester One:

Think Like a Scientist

Organic Compounds

Cell Structure, and functions

Human Body Systems

CPR Training

Semester Two:

Genetics & Heredity


Plant and Animal Adaptations

Matter and Energy in our Environment

Biomes and Habitats

Weathering and Erosion

Groundwater and Watersheds

Water in Space

Class Schedule

Period 1  7th Academic Co-Teacher Mr. Pigman
Period 2  Conference
Period 3  Planning
Period 4  7th Pre-AP
Period 5  7th Academic Co-Teacher Mr. Pigman
Period 6  7th Pre-AP
Period 7  7th Academic Co-Teacher Mr. Pigman
Period 8  7th Academic





Make-Ups and Tutorials


 I want you to have a GREAT year

Let's do whatever we can to make this year your best.

  • If you are absent, please check the Google Site to see what you missed.  I am here every morning before school if you need help or just want a quiet place to work.

  • If you are absent, you normally have one day to make up your work.  I know you have been absent for all your classes, so I will work with you on how to arrange your turn in time & provide extra days if needed - you need to work with me to make those arrangements.

  • If you would like to attend tutorials, I am here every morning before school - you must let me know what day your are going to be there and I WILL BE THERE!!!  As a rule, Monday through Thursday after school will be regular tutorial days in case you decide you want to come in but have not made arrangements yet.  Tutorials will be either in Mrs. Gissel's room or Miss Miriam Lewis'room.