Spring Oaks Homework and Testing Grading Practices


Purpose of Homework:

The purpose of all types of homework is to promote high-quality student learning and achievement.  Homework is an out-of-classroom learning experience assigned by a teacher to enhance student learning.


Home-School Partnership:

A strong home-school partnership has a positive impact on student success.  To make the homework experience meaningful, students and families play a critical role.


Students will be encouraged to:

  1. Complete all assigned homework.
  2. Ensure that he/she clearly understands the homework assigned, including assignments, expectations, and requests for clarifications or assistance from the teacher when homework assignments or expectations are not clear.
  3. Manage time and materials to complete any assigned homework.


Families will be encouraged to:

  1. Provide an environment for successful completion of homework.
  2. Provide support and encouragement for completing the work without doing the work for their child.
  3. Contact the child’s teacher if their child is not consistently able to do the work by him/herself or if challenges or questions arise.



Grading Practices


Students are expected to turn in all assignments by the due date. Teachers may use their discretion in taking off points for work turned in late.


Grading System

90-100                   Excellent Progress          A                             70-74                     Poor Progress                    D

80-89                     Good Progress                 B                             69 or below        Failure                                  F

75-79                     Average Progress            C                             No Grade             Incomplete                        I*


*Incomplete grades must be completed within two weeks of the following 9-week grading period. 




The purpose of retesting is for students to have additional opportunities to demonstrate they have mastered the material. Students who do not demonstrate mastery of the material on an assessment will be expected to retest. Before retesting, a student needs to attend tutorials with his/her teacher in order to learn the material. Teachers are encouraged to offer multiple ways for students to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and skills being taught. Any student has the opportunity to re-test.