Campus Improvement


The Spring Oaks Campus Improvement Team (CIT) is a group of stakeholders that supports the campus in setting goals and guiding the school in a positive direction. The CIT consists of teachers, parents, administrators, and support staff that meet once a month during the school year to collaborate and make decisions when necessary.

The CIT does not get involved in daily operations of the campus but rather looks at the larger picture to create a vision and guide the campus on its way. Some typical issues the CIT discusses include student performance, campus climate, initiatives, and campus procedures. 

The Spring Oaks' CIT does not make policy - that is the responsibility of the SBISD Board of Directors. It does, however, periodically consider how the campus will implement district policies effectively.

Parents interested in serving on the CIT can contact the principal's office for more information.

CIT Meeting Minutes for the 2016-2017 school year are:

2015-2016 Meeting Minutes:


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