Mission statement
We at Spring Oaks Middle school believe athletics should compliment and be an integral part of the school academic curriculum to create a well rounded student. Athletics teaches students the life-long skills of good sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, and respect. It also encourages students to continue a life-long habit of maintaining good physical fitness.
In addition, the Athletic program helps to promote school pride, spirit and healthy competition within the local community.




Athletic Goals and Objectives:
1. Learn teamwork - develop self-discipline, respect for authority, and the spirit of hard work; place the team and its objectives higher than personal desires.

2. Strive for success - learn to accept defeat by striving to win with earnest dedication; develop a desire to excel to the best of one's ability.

3. Display good sportsmanship - learn to treat others as one would wish to be treated by developing emotional control, honesty, cooperation, and dependability.

4. Enjoy athletics - acknowledge the personal awards derived from sports and give sufficiently of self in order to preserve and improve the athletic program