Enrollment & Student Records


If your student will be going to get their permit or renew a driver’s license, they will need a VOE (Verification of Enrollment). 

Striving to Serve You

We are striving to provide resources for both our current students and parents, as well as those that may wish to attend in the future. You may navigate to the major areas of Enrollment and Student Records by clicking on the links provided.

How do I get a ‘Proof of enrollment’ or ‘verification of enrollment’ – (VOE) form?

Sign up in Registrar's office. Your VOE may be picked up at 3:00 pm daily in the front office IF you have signed up before the last lunch period of that day. Otherwise it will not be available until 3:00 pm the following school day.


Our Mission Statement

Stratford High School will strive to create a positive and safe environment in which all students are challenged to reach their full potential through best teaching practices, incorporating technology, and focusing on social development and emotional well-being.

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