College Admission Events in Houston

Parents and Students


All visits will be held in the Library, unless otherwise noted. Students are encouraged to sign up for visits no later than 2 hours prior to ensure delivery of passes. Visits can be signed up for through Naviance located on the school's homepage. Please check the Library calendar for dates of visits.

Parents are more than welcomed to attend. 

College and University Representatives


We have two options available for colleges/universities for recruiting activities. A) lunch option- a table in our lunch room and visit with kids as they browse by. Those times run from 11:00 to 1:30 with an hour break between lunches. If visit date occurs on a Thursday or Friday, please be aware that we have special bell schedules on those days. B) 2:30 meeting time -located in the college room on campus. We chose this time so that students don’t lose too much instructional time but could remain after the school bell has rung at 3:00 to continue conversations. That will give ample time to those who are seriously searching.

To request a date and time, please email Ms. Franklin