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  • My name is Sara Russo. This is my 5th year here at Stratford HS and my 14th year of teaching. I spent the first nine years of my teaching career at Northbrook HS where I had also graduated from.  I went on to earn degrees in History and Political Science in 2004 from the University of Houston (GO COOGS!!!) and returned to earn a Masters in Education in 2006. I currently teach  AP Economics and AP Government but have taught US History, World History, and World Geography. I also sponsor the National Honor Society.





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About the Course & Schedule


The Advanced Placement course in economics gives high-ability students the opportunity to earn college credit in economics while still in high school. More importantly, the content of an AP Economics course helps students develop critical thinking skills through the understanding, application and analysis of fundamental economic concepts. Through AP Economics, students learn to apply quantitative and mathematical skills to the discipline of economics, test economic propositions empirically, improve their decision-making skills and apply economic logic to a wide variety of real world and hypothetical situations.



1: AP Macroeconomics/U.S. Government 

3: AP Macroeconomics/U.S. Government

5: Conference/Duty

7: AP Macroeconomics/U.S. Government


2: Conference/Duty

4: AP Macroeconomics/U.S. Government

6: AP Macroeconomics/U.S. Government

8: AP Macroeconomics/U.S. Government



If you are absent, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get any assignments you have missed from Mrs. Russo and turn them in THE NEXT CLASS DAY.  If you miss a test, you have one week to come in before or after school to make them up after that by appointment or on Wednesdays for official Social Studies make ups, your grade will be a zero(0). I am NOT responsible for reminding you to pick up your work. Any extenuating circumstances must be documentable





Room 327 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:05p-3:45p

Other times by appointment only

Class Assignments & Homework





In order to succeed in this class, you must be able to finish the required reading and complimenting assignments at home.  We do NOT have time to read chapters/readings in class. Homework will usually consist of no more than 1 chapter or short article.  There will be questions or reading quizzes to go along with random assignments.




I will keep you up to date on all assignments and projects by giving you, and posting, monthly calendars.  I will occasionally give extra credit, but will not give any the week right before the end of the 6 weeks.  Again, do not ask, I will tell you what I would like for you to do.



Additional Assignment:

The state of Texas requires a personal finance unit.  To accommodate that and allow us as much time as possible to cover the required material, you will be required to complete a series of online modules.  Please check the calendar for details.




30% - Daily Work (includes in class assignments, journal writing, etc.)

30% - Quizzes

40% - Test Grades (includes test and projects)


Expectations for the student:


The expectation for this class is that you will take the AP Economics and AP Government tests in May (pending no weather days) and succeed on it. This is not a high school course, this is a COLLEGE level course, please do not think you are the only one that is having trouble. If you need help, ask. BUT, do not think that just because you are having some issues outside/inside of school that I will do anything to your grade. I do not GIVE grades, you EARN them. 




In order to exempt the final exam you must meet all school requirements.



Cheating: As in the university setting, there will be no cheating tolerated. Any evidence of cheating will result in a zero for the assignment/ test, disciplinary action by the school, as well as notification to any extracurricular sponsors or coaches and to your parents or guardian. This applies particularly to the National Honor Society where you will be immediately removed.  In college, any cheating on an exam can result in your expulsion from the school as well as having a notation placed on your permanent record. You have been given fair warning. Cell phones will be turned in to the basket on test days to ensure testing security just like on a standardized test