World History Pre-AP

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1.1 Early Humans


Mesopotamia PPT

Mesopotamia Chart

Travel Brochure Chart

Indus River PPT

Indus River Chart

Egypt PPT

Egypt Chart

Mesoamerica PPT

Greece and Persia PPT

Greece Foldables

Greek Mythology 

Ancient Greece ppt

Greece Review Sheet 

        Indian Empires ppt

        Intro to India HW

        Chinese Beliefs

Ancient Rome 

Rome vs USA Chart

Monotheistic Religions

Islamic Religion 


Major Religions Review 


Intro to Feudalism 

Middle Ages 

Manorial System Project 

Middle Ages Review Sheet


Protestant Reformation 

Ren and Ref Review Sheet 

Power Review PPT

Power Review Questions

https://play.kahoot.it/#/lobby?quizId=caad0cfd-b2bb-4e68-b7c3-0578960d0f55 (River Civs, Neo Rev)

https://play.kahoot.it/#/lobby?quizId=1175803d-d3ce-4942-bfb4-2ed85ea4ebbf (Greece and Rome)

https://play.kahoot.it/#/lobby?quizId=cac88afc-5df7-426a-bc0a-4720b1df58c7 (Islam)

https://play.kahoot.it/#/lobby?quizId=344638c6-215e-4d1e-a429-c36ff82c4668 (Middle Ages)

https://play.kahoot.it/#/lobby?quizId=718a7800-86ad-4d7c-b2c1-76ab73b0480c (Ren and Ref)

Europe in Crisis

Social Crisis, War, and Revolution 

English Civil War/Glorious Revolution 

Response to Crisis 

The World of European Culture 

Absolutism Test Review

Scientific Revolution


  7 Years War

American Revolution 

Background of French Revolution 

Revolution and Reign of Terror /Reign of Terror

Rise and Fall of Napoleon 

French Revolution Test Review 

Industrial Revolution/Industrial Revolution HW

European Revolutions 1815-1848

Unification of Germany and Italy 

Latin American Revolutions 

Romanticism vs Realism 



Imperialism/WWI Review 

Between the Wars 1919-1939

World War II in Europe


World War II in the Pacific 

Decades Project

LEQ Rubric


Spring Final Review

World Geo. Pre-AP

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CNN Student News (Must fill out 5 boxes, print two sheets, leave one box unused)

Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.2

Cornell Notes

Lat/Long Lines ppt

Chapter 1 review

Ch. 4 Global Cultures

Ch. 4 Population Geography

Ch. 4 Political Geography

Ch. 4 Economic Geography

Ch. 4 Urban Geography

Ch. 4 Foldables

Landforms ppt

Landforms Chart

        Climate ppt

        World Ocean Currents & Climate Zones Map

        Ch. 2 Earth's Water Lesson ppt

        Internal and External Forces ppt

        Population Pyramids ppt.

Intro US and Canada PPT

US and Canada Physical Geo PPT

US and Canada Regions PPT

US and Canada HW

        US and Canada Map Exercise 

Sports Team PPT

History of Latin America

Latin America Physical Features 

HEI Latin America

Culture in Latin America 


S. America

C. America

L.A. Regional Chart

Europe Unit Questions

Intro to Europe 

Western Europe 

Northern Europe

Eastern Europe 

Mediterranean Europe

British Isles 

Europe Review 

Fall Final Review 

Russia and the Republics 


Life in the Soviet Union 

Russia Map Review 

Russia Test Review 

SW Asia/N Africa

History of Middle East Region

Middle Eastern Culture 

Middle Eastern Conflict 


Modern Issues 

Intro to Sub-Saharan Africa 


Colonialism in Africa 

Aparthied/Nelson Mandela HW

Africa Test Review 

Intro to South Asia 

Early History/Caste System 

S. Asia Weather Climate Patterns

Religions of S. Asia

HEI S. Asia 

Intro to S.E. Asia 

History, Politics, Economy/Culture

Intro to East Asia 

E. Asia Test Review

Australia History & Culture

Australia Government & Economy Web quest

Spring Final Review