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  • I graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry.  I have been teaching since 1999. 

Class Schedule


Arminda (Mindy) Wix

A-Day                                    B-Day

1st conference                     2nd conference

3rd AP Chemistry II              4th Chemistry-preap

5th Chemistry-preap             6th Chemistry-preap

7th Chemistry-preap            8th Chemistry-preap

The following website can be viewed for extra help or to hear the lesson again. www.khanacademy.org   You will have to sign up for khan academy but it is free.

Mrs. Flint (SWHS) has you tube videos of lessons on her channel Flintchem.

You can watch and hear the lessons again being taught by one of the Stratford teachers on the chemistry webpage and on https://sbisd.itslearning.com/index.aspx   (intsructions on how to use itslearning will be coming soon.)

Preap and GL Chemistry

Read the document titled "How to prepare for a test" so that you can make sure you are adequately prepared.

online chemistry book- login is your springbranch email and password is sb in front of your id number.

Links for AP Chemistry II

College Board

AP Lecture Videos and Free Response Practice you need a password-see me if you forgot it


Class Assignments & Homework


 FOR CHEMISTRY I:  Please see the gradebook (ie.skyward, family access)for this information.  Worksheets are attached in the gradebook and on the chemistry webpage.  Dates on assignments correspond to the date you should be working on it.  All homework is due by the next period.  Once homework has been checked in class, the answers will be posted on the chemistry webpage or (click here) for a link to chemistry webpage.  "Filled in" versions of the Notes are also on the chemistry webpage. NOTE: The chemistry web page requires you to log in to view documents.

FOR CHEMISTRY II (AP):  Answer to homework are posted on Edmodo.

Make-Ups and Retests


1.If you missed one day and we did a lab or quiz on that day, you must make it up by the next class period in my room after school. 

2.TESTS are made up by the follwing tuesday from the day he/she missed and can be taken on tuesdays after school, during a study hall, or during another class with the teacher's permission.

3.Most of the time students are required to come to tutorials and do test corrections before being allowed to retest. Bring your notes, worksheets and labs to help you with your test corrections.  Do not show up for test corrections without your notes or you will not be able to retest. Please also read the SHS retest policy posted in the documents section.


   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 Coach Lowry        7:15-7:45  7:15-7:45
 Ms. Livesay    7:15-7:45  7:15-7:45    
 Ms. Wix  3:00-3:30      3:00-3:30  
 Mr. Autry    3:00-3:30  3:00-3:30    
 Coach Hoskovec  


and upon request