Make-up work must be done in a timely manner. You will have one day to make up your work for every day that you were absent. Lab make up will be done at a designated time within one week of an absence. Because of the nature of science, I reserve the right to give an alternative assignment for Lab make-up work. 

Science Exam Makeups are each Tuesday afterschool. The science teachers will rotate so you will probably not be in our classroom. You must be in the testing room by 3:10pm to take an exam. Please move your car out of the South Parking lot before starting your test if needed. 

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About Me

  • 2010 Graduate of Bowling Green State University with a degree in Adolescent and Young Adult Education with a specialization in Physics and Chemistry
  • 2014 Master's Graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Masters Degree in Curriculum Writing and Instruction
  • 8 years of teaching Physics 
  • 6 year of teaching Pre-AP Physics
  • 4 year of teaching AP Physics 1
  • This is my fifth year at Stratford High School. GO SPARTANS!
  • Had my first child on June 9, 2017

Class Information


All information for the classes can be found on It's Learning. 

Tutorials are Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 7:15am

Extra Help

Khan Academy

Physics Classroom

Class Schedule



 A Days  

1st - PreAP Physics

3rd - PreAP Physics

5th - AP Physics 1

7th - Conference   

B Days 

 2nd - AP Physics 1

4th - PreAP Physics

6th - AP Physics 1

 8th - Conference