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This is my fourth year of teaching math. Before teaching, I had a career doing public relations for nonprofit and human service organizations. At SHS, I teach grade-level Algebra II, grade-level geometry, and SAT Prep. I have a BA in journalism/Spanish from the University of Wyoming and a MBA with a concentration in corporate finance from Texas Christian University.




  • https://www.desmos.com/calculator
  • FreeGraphCalc on the app store
  • GraphNCalc83, $5.99 on iPhone - looks just like our class calculators
  • Wabbitemu, Free on Android - looks just like our class calculators

Olivia Shirley


Watch my lesson videos at tinyurl.com/MrsShirleyVideos

I teach grade-level Algebra II during periods 1, 3, and 7. I teach grade-level geometry during periods 4 and 6. I teach SAT/ACT Prep during period 2. Classes meet in room 201.

Algebra II syllabus

Geometry syllabus

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For the most part, you should be prepared to take a quiz or test on the day it was scheduled. Believe me, postponing a quiz or test will not be all that helpful for you. You'll forget what you've learned about the subject because we'll be moving on in class, and (even though you'll have the best of intentions) you'll forget to study at home.

If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test, you can make it up over the course of two morning tutorials or one afternoon tutorial. Your grade will go from I to 0 in the gradebook if you do not make it up within two weeks, but I would still actually let you make it up for full credit any time before the end of the six-weeks.

HOMEWORK: I do not believe that practice makes perfect. I believe that perfect practice makes perfect. Therefore, I have structured most days so that we will have time for an in-class assignment for practice instead of homework. This gives me the chance to work with you one-on-one to make sure you're understanding the material. In-class assignments will be due at the end of class, and they will be graded on accuracy. They will not be accepted late, unless you are absent or have spoken to me about getting a time extension. If you are absent from class on the day we have an in-class assignment, you have until the end of the six-weeks to turn in your missing work. It will still be graded on accuracy. On the days that we do not have time for an in-class assignment (such as on quiz days), I will assign homework, and it will be due the following class. It will be graded on completion, but you must show your work. If you are absent from class on the day the homework is assigned, then you will have until the end of the six-weeks to make it up.



I offer tutorials on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons. I am also here most mornings, starting at 7:20.

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