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About Me

This will be my tenth year at Stratford! This year, I'll be teaching English IV Grade Level and English I PreAP. I graduated from the University of Houston in 2008 with a BA in Linguistics, and a minor in Secondary Education. I have been a member of Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, and Kappa Delta Pi. 

Important Notes


Class Documents

All documents used in class will be posted on ItsLearning at the beginning of the six weeks (if you're in the class in Skyward, you should have access to files on Its). You can log in, download, and print them out as needed. The classroom syllabus that applies to both English I and English IV can be found here. It mainly covers classroom policies and procedures. 


Remind 101 is part of our class. We will be using it weekly, if not daily. I will send documents, reminders of upcoming tests/quizzes, I will answer questions, and we will use this as a tool for basic communication. There is a free app for Android and iPhone/iPad/iTouch. This is not required, but it is helpful. I will expect you to keep up with this part of class just as you would keep up with homework. Parents, you are invited to join Remind so that you can see what your child sees! Just ask me for the code, and I'll email it out. 

Class Schedule

Pd. Course Room Pd. Course Room
1 Team Planning 308 2 Conference 308
3 English IV GL 308 4 English I PreAP 308
5 English IV GL 308 6 English I PreAP 308
7 English IV GL 308 8 Study Hall 308

Tutorials and Makeups

Tutorials will be Monday-Thursday after school until 3:30 unless I have a meeting. Tutorials before school will be by appointment only. English Department tutorials - used for test and quiz makeups - are each Thursday after school. Please use Remind or class time to schedule an appointment!