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  • This is my fifth year to teach at Stratford.  Previously, I taught at Spring Forest Middle School and Houston Community College.  I have my B.A. in English and Philosophy from UT-Austin and my M.A. in English from The University of Michigan.

Suza Sharp



Mondays and Thursdays 3:10-4:15 or by appointment. Students are welcome to come for tutorials during 1st and 2nd periods.

My Schedule for 2016-2017
A day    B day
 1st  Conference  2nd  Conference
 3rd English IV Dual Credit (English 1302)  4th English IV AP/GT
 5th English IV ECP (English 2323) 6th English IV ECP (English 2323)
 7th English IV Dual Credit (English 1302)  8th English IV Dual Credit (English 1302)

Books for the spring  semester:

For English IV Dual Credit students, please rent the 10th edition of Current Issues and Enduring Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking and Argument, with Readings in either paperback or electronic version through one of the HCC bookstores or Students will also need a copy of George Orwell's 1984 and Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie, accessible in electronic form or paperback through or Barnes and Noble.

For English IV ECP students, please rent the 9th edition of The Norton Anthology of British Literature (vol. 2) through HCC or  



Remind, Edmodo, and codes will be available in class on the first day of school and thereafter. English IV AP/GT and dual credit students are expected to complete selected assignments using Edmodo and submit essays and study questions on for an originality score of 5% or less. ECP students are also required to submit typed assignments on and paper. Students should resubmit documents on before the due date if it receives a higher originality score than required.  





Any in-class assignments that are missed due to excused absences can be made up during my tutorial times or Thursday after school with the appointed English teacher (teachers are on a rotating schedule for department make-ups, so please check with me first).  Out-of-class assignments are due one class period (per the number of my classes missed) upon returning from an excused absence.

Assignments worth a daily grade that are late (not due to an excused absence) are not accepted and will result in a zero.  Assignments worth a major or quiz grade will be deducted 10 points per calendar day when late.




Tutorials are Mondays and Thursdays after school until 4:00pm or by appointment. 

Class Assignments & Homework


 All out-of-class assignments must be submitted on with a less than 5% "originality" score.  SBISD students can register using their school username and i.d. if they do not already have an account from last year.   Whether students are new to or already have an account from last year, they need to join a new class with the information listed on my board the first few weeks of school.  Access here. or type into your browser. 

Upload your assignments in pdf or Word format on!  If there is an originality issue, you may resubmit, but it may take 24 hours to process the resubmission so turn in the work ahead of time if possible.


 Due Dates:

English IV AP:

1/5: APMC in class and receive comparative literary analysis assignment and calendar.

1/9: Finish APMC in class, sign up for a literary term to present, and write a response to an AP prose prompt in class (quiz grade).

1/11: Literary terms presentations of alliteration, allusion, and ambiguity. Independent reading of choice novel. Introduction to dialectical responses and poetry.

1/13: Typed analysis plan for the comp. lit paper due (daily grade). Lit. terms presentations of anachronism, analogy, anapest, and anaphora. Poetry analysis.

1/24: First set of four dialectical responses due on paper and (quiz grade). Students analyze four quotes (two of which can be from the original novel or play being compared). These quotes/analysis should reflect the reading of the first third of the choice novel or play.

2/3: Second set of four dialectical response due from the second half of choice novel or play (again, paper copy and submission on grade..

2/15: Third dialecitcal response from the last third of choice novel or play (paper copy and grade.

2/17: Academic vocabulary quiz #5 with word wall words. Flash cards of both sets=extra credit.

2/22: Outline, including thesis sentence and quote from both sources due=quiz grade. Submit one paper copy to me.

2/28: Typed rough draft #1 with works cited list of the comp. lit analysis due.

3/2: Second rough draft with works ctied list of the comp. lit analysis due.

3/6: Literary Terms Test II. Know how to apply the literary terms learned from comic relief to free verse, but also including these terms from the first set: colloquial, blank verse, anapest, aphorism, apostrophe, and assonance.

3/8: final draft of the comparative literary analysis due on paper and grades for format, content, and grammar/mechanics. Begin practice AP test.

3/10: Continue and finish practice AP test

3/31 Vocabulary quiz #7. Calibrate AP practice test in class.

4/21: Lit. Terms III test with poetry questions

5/3: AP Literature Exam

English IV DC:

1/5-6: Introduction to English 1302. Sign up for current event postings. Read chapter 3 (up to page 87) of Current Issues and Enduring Questions. Scanned pages are on Edmodo.

1/7-9: Essay #1 assignment explained and given in paper. Continue to analyze two community college essays and pair with someone for an analysis of the two. Share the Google Doc draft with me. For homework: Read pages 87-113 in Current Issues and Enduring Questions and work on mock rough draft, if needed.

1/10-11:  Open-syllabus quiz. You can only use a paper copy of the syllabus and will be given 5 mins. to finish. Students will finish writing mock rough draft (shared with me Google Doc). For homework:  Find two opposing essays on the same debatable topic, either in Current Issues and Enduring Questions, or the Opposing Viewpoints database from the library webpage. Homework: Read chapter 5 (pp. 179-206) of Current Issues book. Quiz next time over chs. 3 and 5. Finish the two argument assessment sheets over the two opposing articles you chose about the same debatable topic. 

1/19 and 20: Typed, complete rough draft of essay #1 due for peer analysis (daily grade).

1/25 and 26: Final draft of essay #1 due on paper with works cited and uploaded on with a less than 10% originality score to be accepted.

2/14 and 15:Essay#2 (nontraditional text analysis) due on paper and

3/1 and 2: Finish Part One of 1984 and submit quote response assignment #1 (quiz grade) on paper and

3/20 and 22 (3rd and 7th pds) and 3/21 and 23 (8th pd): HCC in-class midterm essay

3/23 and 27: Part Two of 1984 quiz. Intro. to research project.

3/30 and 31: Bookmark and comment on three secondary sources in diigo group for research. Post four original mc questions over Part Three in class.

4/3 and 4: Part Three quote response journals due on and paper. Quiz over Part Three of 1984.

4/5 and 6: Complete sentence outline due with thesis, topic sentences/ assertions, and quotes from primary and secondary sources (HCC and SHS quiz grade).

4/11 and 12: Research paper rough draft due for peer analysis.

4/18 and 19: Final draft of the research paper with works cited  due (HCC and SHS grade).

4/26 and 27: Aphorism assignment due (quiz grade for HCC and SHS)

4/28 and 5/1: Quiz over Tuesdays with Morrie (HCC and SHS grade)

5/2 and 3: Final in-class essay for HCC (counts as test grade for SHS, too)

English IV ECP

2/8: Reader Response #1 due over Shelley poems

2/15: Keats's poetry (901-903), "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles" (906), "On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again!" (910), "When I Have Fears that I May Cease to be" (911), and "Sonnet to Sleep" (925)

2/22: Rough draft of comparative poetry analysis due as a participation grade

2/27: Comparative poetry analysis due on paper and (10% of the HCC grade). Introduction to the Victorian period. HW: Read the selected sonnets from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese.

week of 3/22: HCC in-class midterm essay

3/1: for homework: Read introduction on Robert Browning (1275-1278),."Porphyria's Lover" (1278-1279), and "My Last Duchess" (1282-1283).

3/27 and 29: The Importance of Being Earnest in vol. E

4/3: The Importance of Being Earnest quiz and intro. to Modern Period.

4/5: Before class, read Joseph Conrad's background (1947-1948 in vol F), Preface to The N_ of "Narcissus" (1949-1951) and intro to Heart of Darkness (1951-1953).

4/10: Have read Part I of Heart of Darkness before class and bring questions.

4/12: Discuss Heart of Darkness Part II

4/17: finish reading HOD and create quiz questions. Read intro. on James Joyce and "Araby."

4/19: Heart of Darkness quiz and discussion of Joyce's "Araby."

4/24: Rough draft of the research paper and works cited list due.

4/26: Research paper due on paper and on before class.

5/1: Review for final.

5/3: HCC final in-class essay


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