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About Me

University of Houston


Bachelor of Arts - English Litarature

Bachelor of Arts - Theatre

Summa Cum Laude 


Master of Education - Curriculum and Instruction

My Teaching and Learning Portfolio


Mr. Prince


I use a workshop model in teaching both reading and writing. Students will spend the first fifteen to twenty minutes of every class session reading materials that they select for themselves from home, the school library, or my classroom library of nearly eight hundred titles. Students will also spend time writing every day, usually on a topic of their own choosing.

I use these writing samples to design my grammar instruction. I see the mistakes that students are making in their writing and teach the concepts that they need the most. As their writing grows more sophisticated, so do their mistakes.

Students keep a portfolio of all work completed in class, including their writing samples. The binders should be kept in the classroom, but students are allowed to take them home if they need them for homework. 

As most of the work completed in class is either guided or focused on team effort, absences must be made up during afternoon or morning tutorials. Students who miss class must make an appointment with me to come early or stay late in order to cover the missed material and complete the work associated with the lesson.

Students should check Skyward and their school email each and every day.

So that students and I can communicate via text, students (and parents, if they choose) should send a text message to 81010 containing the following text string: @prince313.

My Classes



Mr. Prince / Room 313

A-Day B-Day
1 - Planning 2 - Conference
3 - English I 4 - Study Hall
5 - English I 6 - English I
7 - English I 8 - English I